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Drilling Waste Management

Bowron is the industry leading provider of Drilling Waste Management Services. Through extensive experience and an operational ideology founded in unmatched reliability and proactive management, Bowron offers a full complement of drilling waste related services.   This experience and proficiency extends to the management of waste generated from any of the various drilling technologies utilized to develop the resources found throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Our primary focus is on maintaining cost effective and best practice management solutions without compromising the highest level of regulatory compliance.

Our Drilling Waste Management service line includes:

  • Earthen Storage Viability Assessments
  • Landspray While Drilling
  • Landspray After Drilling
  • Landspread Disposals
  • Mix-Bury-Cover Disposals
  • Residual Solids Disposals
  • Drilling Waste Pump-Off Disposals
  • Facility Disposals
  • Landfill Disposals
  • Disposal on Forested Public Lands
  • Post Disposal Compliance Assessments
  • Waste and Water Tracking
  • Release Response and Site Restoration
  • Water Well Testing
  • Cement Return Management
  • Waste Dewatering & Re-Use Management
  • Pipeline & Horizontal Directional Drilling – Waste Management
  • AER, OGC & SER Special Approvals – Alternative Management Disposals
  • Surface Water Sampling and Discharge
  • Drilling Waste Audits
  • AER Digital Data Submissions
  • SER Notifications
  • EPASS Submissions

Integrated Services:

In addition to the Drilling Waste Management Services outlined above, Bowron offers a full complement of integrated services. Through this integrated management approach, including planning and pre-drill assessments, water acquisitions and diversion compliance, drilling waste management services, and end of life site closures, Bowron is able to facilitate all environmental services related to the full life cycle of an upstream development program. In addressing the end of life pathways today, we are able to manage your current operations in a way that limits your liabilities of tomorrow.

Additional Services: