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Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) aims to protect air, land and water. In Alberta, industrial facilities obtain EPEA approvals for construction and expansion of sites. Approvals have environmental monitoring requirements including;

  • Groundwater monitoring proposals and programs,
  • Baseline soil monitoring proposals and plans,
  • Operations soil monitoring proposals and programs, &
  • Soil management plans.

Whether a new development or expansion on an existing site Bowron has the in-house hydrogeological and soil expertise to design and complete necessary monitoring work. We evaluate each site and situation ensuring monitoring programs meet regulatory requirements, are practical and cost-e ective for our clients. Our services include;

  • Project management,
  • Field planning,
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring networks,
  • Groundwater monitoring well sampling,
  • Soil sampling,
  • Contaminant delineation, &
  • Reporting.

Additional Services: