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Water Management

Bowron’s management team has worked extensively with licensees, stakeholders and regulators to help set the focus of the water diversion compliance practices that currently govern the upstream oil & gas industry. This focus initially started with oil sand developments however over the past several years has extended to all operations throughout Alberta & British Columbia; with a large emphasis being placed on fracturing operations. We have the foremost experience in these management practices and based on our regulatory proficiency and working relationship with various stakeholder groups, we have an unparalleled services line that integrates the needs of each program, with the water diversion compliance and transmission practices required to see each development through to completion.

It is our belief that sound water management is, and will continue to be a leading aspect of environmental management practices related to oil and gas developments throughout Canada. Through our comprehension and understanding of these requirements, we have developed the experience, technical depth and management platforms required to provide industry leading water management services.

Our Water Management service line includes:

  • Water Act Licensing
  • Hydrology Assessments
  • Pre-Project Water Use Planning Services (Conventional & Oil Sands)
  • Source Water Well Testing & Aquifer Evaluations
  • Public / Community Consultation
  • Water Diversion Compliance Monitoring
  • In-Stream Discharge Assessments (Flow Testing)
  • Water Elevation Monitoring
  • Water Use Reporting
  • Temporary Surface Water Pipeline Use Applications
  • Frac Water Use Reporting (Directive 59)

Additional Services: