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Site Closure and Liability Management

Bowron’s Site Closure and Liability Management services are focused on ensuring that our client’s liabilities are managed in the most appropriate and effective way. Our team of professionals have the experience required to ensure that site closure is achieved in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Our Site Closure and Liability Management service line includes:

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Part 1 and 2 Certificate of Restoration Applications
  • Site Profiles
  • Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Tier 2 Pathway Elimination
  • Site Specific Risk Assessments
  • Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST) Applications
  • Groundwater Assessment, Treatment and Monitoring Programs
  • Remedial Plan Design, Evaluation and Implementation
  • Reclamation Supervision
  • Vendor Management and Pre-Qualification
  • Vegetation Monitoring and Weed Management Programs
  • Detailed Site Assessments
  • Reclamation Certificate Applications
  • Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Reclamation
  • Pre-Acquisition Liability Assessments
  • License Liability Rating (LLR) Reviews

Additional Services: