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Oil Sands Environmental Compliance Management

Bowron provides a full range of integrated environmental services specific to Oil Sands Development Projects. Our services are founded in an understanding of the importance that regulatory compliance has on community relations and how liability exposure can effect a client’s social license to operate within the communities they are located.

We recognize that each oil sands exploration project is unique to itself, and as such, we offer a wide range of multi-disciplinary services designed at limiting overall environmental compliance exposure. We specialize in environmental services associated with pre-project planning, water management, winter exploration programs, production pad developments, and plant compliance monitoring.

The extensive experience and regulatory proficiency we possess allows our team to take a proactive approach in managing the overall environmental compliance requirements associated with each unique project.

Our Oil Sand Exploration Projects service line includes:

  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Public and Community Consultation
  • Water Acquisition and Licensing
  • Water Diversion Compliance Monitoring
  • Water Use Reporting
  • Pre-Drill Site Assessments
  • Post-Drill Site Assessments
  • Release Response and Site Restoration
  • Drilling Waste Management
  • Dewatering Plant & Waste / Water Recycling Management
  • Water Use & Waste Production Efficiency Tracking
  • Cement Return Management
  • Wellbore Cut and Cap Management
  • OSE Project Reclamation
  • Regulatory Approval Applications
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Surface Water Management
  • Dust Suppression Management
  • Special Project Technology Evaluations (Waste / Water Reductions)

Additional Services: